My topup fabric order arrived in record time, less than 6 days from the US to NZ. I have no idea how it got here so fast! The timing was perfect as I was down to my last scrap of the Wee Wander print. I added a few extra prints to my order, Far Far Away for backing, and two more prints to fill the envelope and because I’m all out of them and I love them (Pearl Bracelets and Briar Rose).

My Swedish Bloom flowers are pieced now, all 12 of them. They’re hanging on my kitchen wall, the washi tape is working perfectly! The leaves are a bit quicker to put together, I’m hoping to finish them up in the next day or two.

How is your weekend sewing going?

9 thoughts to “Weekend sewing

  • Franziska

    Looks great!
    My weekend sewing is pretty non-existent. Let's see what next week will bring.

  • Lisa

    Love watching the progress in this one. It's going to be lovely!

  • Wendy @ Wendysquiltsandmore

    A few weeks ago I order some things from Texas, and they got to Wellington NZ in 6 days. I was very surprised too. I fully expect service to slow down over the next few months though with Xmas mail clogging the system. Your flowers look lovely.

  • LethargicLass

    6 days? Which shop? I never get orders that fast LOL! I can hardly wait to see this one finished 🙂

  • Julie

    I have just received a 6 day delivery from Pink Chalk fabrics. Love it when the postal service planets align.
    That Wee Wander print is beautiful. Hope your back is feeling better too.

  • sew katie did

    What's the fabric on the left?

  • DeborahGun

    Sigh – always takes over a month to get to me. I love that Wee Wander print you are using as your background – the blue version is lovely as well.

  • Michaelanne

    This is coming together SO GOOD!!!! I cant wait to see it finished! I worked 2 (12) hour shifts this weekend…actually, yesterday turned into 14 hours! There wasn't even a full moon but the labor gods were NOT on our side!! Lol!!! Hope to get in a little sewing today:) XO

  • Rachel

    Katie, that's Meandering from Sarah Jane's line, Wee Wander 🙂


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