I’m on a mission to make a dent in my WIP list before the end of the year. I’ve dug out a few long term WIPs and I’ve put them to the top of pile. As a reward to myself, I’ve also made a start on something new…

An Anna Maria Horner feather quilt has been on my bucket list for the last few years. Maybe next year! In the meantime I thought a reduced feather would look good on the side of a Sew Together Bag. I didn’t put a lot of thought into the whole process, I used the STB that Andrea had made me as a rough guide for size, I could see that the 50% feather should fit, especially if I set it on an angle. I made up the sizes for the setting pieces as I went, not an ideal way to piece but fun and fast! Then I thought I had better get back to that WIP list.

As I mentioned in my last post, I finished up the remaining six envelopes in the SWAK swap. The very last envelope is my favourite from my year in envelopes. I used the Math Class Doodles Spoonflower print that Katy sent me in a swap, I adore that print!

This afternoon I finished quilting my daughter’s Out to Sea Penny Patch quilt. I used Rachel at Stitched in Color’s Dogwood quilting tutorial. I love the softness that all those gentle curves add to the quilt. I’ll be looking for excuses to use this quilting pattern again!

And… I’ve pieced together one of the two do.Good.Stitches quilts that I need to finish before the end of the year. Take that WIP list!

Do you have a few WIPs that you plan to finish before the end of the year?

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11 thoughts to “WIP Wednesday ~ making progress

  • Megan

    Great quilting on your Penny Patch Rachel!

  • Franziska

    I likr the envelope a lot, too. I'm really curious what the feathered bag will look like. The quilting is beautiful.
    Had to smile often while reading the blog post. 🙂

  • Franziska

    Should be like not likr…

  • Iris

    I agree that quilting tutorial is great and works fantastic to make uilts nice and cuddly

  • Pam Wilde

    I am just finishing a AMH feather quilt, Love the Penny Patch quilt!

  • Laurie Matthews

    I love all your WIPS. Finished them up will be such a relief and you will enjoy them so much!

  • Linda @ kokaquilts

    It's good to get a few WiP's actually finished, isn't it? I love your dogwood quilting, I find FMQ difficult – just wish my machine would do it for me!! L

  • LethargicLass

    I love your feather…I dislike AMH's way of putting it together, plus I was shocked how big they are lol… this is much more my speed 🙂 And that math fabric is so great 🙂

  • sophie

    I just finished my Feather Bed quilt last month. I love your fabric choices … and hope you feel inspired to pick it up and get it done–I can say, from experience, that getting that one done feels so good.

  • Leonie

    Gorgeous quilting and gorgeous envelope! But I cannot wait to see the feather on the side of that bag – going to look awesome!

  • DeborahGun

    I love your penny patch quilt – so pretty! And I love that you rewarded yourself for working on wips with starting something new!!


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