One #pineappleblock for you @clothwork Just need to decide on corner fabrics :)

The pineapple block wasn’t a pattern that I loved when I first saw it, but then I came across this version by Amber and I started getting a little obsessed. I love the illusion of circles that appear between the blocks, they really soften all the prickly angles. When Melissa started posting pineapple quilt blocks in beautiful inky colours, I offered to make her a block to say thank you for her recent generosity. And selfishly, it gave me an excuse to make one block before committing to a pineapple quilt of my own.
These blocks are not fast! I took my time, it’s not perfect, it doesn’t sit completely flat. I’m crossing my fingers that Melissa can actually use it in her quilt. Imperfections and all, I love it and I’ve added pineapple quilt to my bucket list for next year. To piece the block, I used this Instructables tutorial that Melissa is using. It’s a great tutorial if, like me, you’d rather piece than foundation piece.  

I think even the back looks pretty with all those open seams.

And amidst all the busy-ness, I’ve squeezed in a few last-minute gifts. A needlebook using the wonderful tutorial by Amy at nanaCompany and my other go-to gift, a drawstring bag using Svetlana’s drawstring bag tutorial. I still have a couple more last minute gifts to make. I’m counting on getting some sewing time today.

10 thoughts to “Pineapples

  • Julie

    Lovely pineapple block, Melissa's quilt is going to look gorgeous. Your needle books are cute.

  • Leonie

    Cant wait to see the whole quilt and also your one when you get to it on your bucket list! the needle book… way cute!! Have a great Christmas!

  • melissa

    Its gorgeous and will be perfect in my quilt! Love the needlebook too such a cutie! Hope you get some sewing time in and have a wonderful Christmas!! xx

  • Melissa Arnold

    Rachel, I am so happy to find your blog! I have been following you on Flickr and love your style. Your pattern and color selections are so beautiful. I am so glad that you have started a blog. Can't wait to see what you do in the future. Thanks for sharing!

  • Rachel at Stitched in Color

    Where have I been? I'm so glad I found your blog today through Gnomeangel's interview. What lovely makes! I agree on the pineapple quilt. This has recently gone on my bucket list too. I like that it uses strings, since I always need to use those. Maybe a quilt-along is what's needed to get this thing done for me!

  • leanne

    look forward to seeing your pineapple quilt ! I have one on my list too after seeing Amber's gorgeous quilt – I'm going to use the freezer paper piecing technique !

  • Serena @ Sewgiving

    I love a block that throws an optical illusion when you play with the fabric … still not sure I have the staying power to do a whole quilt with it though … but your lovely version of this block has my mind ticking over 🙂

  • Ashley Calder

    Incredibly gorgeous!! Wow. Totally making me re-think my stance on the pineapple. 🙂

  • dutchcomfort

    The pineapple block is so gorgeous!

  • Camilla

    Love your block with its gorgeous colours!


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