After a dismal performance against my first quarter goals I wasn’t sure whether to attempt a Q2 list. But I’ve been through my list of projects and there are quite a few that I would like to finish in the next few months and a little accountability is always a good thing! So here goes…

1. Marsala Quilt for the Pantone Quilt Challenge 2015

The deadline for this is only a few days away (24 April) and I’m still debating what to do next. I’m hoping that inspiration strikes soon so that I can at least enter the quilt top category. Nothing like a little deadline pressure!

2. Private Swap with Aylin

I’m making Aylin a tote bag, I have a bit of a plan and will make a start very soon.

3. Birthday club swap items

A few of my local sewing friends and I have started a birthday swap club. Rachael’s birthday is in May so this really needs to get done this quarter.

4. Umbrella Prints Trimmings challenge 2015

I ordered two trimmings packs from Umbrella Prints so that I could enter their 2015 Trimmings Challenge. The packs arrived last week, I chose Peachey Keen and Australia. I have a plan for them and I need to make the June 5 deadline to be in the competition.

5. Pillows

My sister asked for some pillows for her new house. The house hasn’t been built yet, she’s battling Christchurch post-earthquake bureaucracy but they are in lieu of a Christmas present from last Christmas so I don’t want to leave her waiting too long. So far, I have a plan for one pillow, it involves Carolyn Friedlander’s Outhouse pattern.

6. Sew Together Bag

Playing with fabric

My mum is patiently waiting for the Sew Together Bag that I promised her a while back. Mum requested these colours. I would really like to tick this project off this quarter.

7. Swedish Bloom Quilt

Swedish Bloom quilt top in progress

This quilt was on my Q1 list. I’m actually now debating whether to remove a row and keep it as a throw quilt rather than attempt to upsize the pattern to a bed sized quilt. Yes, I’ve been procrastinating on this one for months!

8. Handquilting projects

I have two projects that I started hand quilting in class with Sarah Fielke back in January. I’ve nearly finished the quilting on the one shown here, it would be nice to finish this and make progress on the second quilt.

9. New quilts for my boys

My boys need new quilts, and I’ve chosen two patterns from one of my very favourite quilting books, Denyse Schmidt Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration. The patterns are Basket Weave (chosen by my youngest) and Wagon Wheel (for my oldest). It seems highly unlikely that these will be finished in Q2 but I’m adding them anyway. I’m planning on staying true to the aesthetic in the book and using mostly solids and only a few colours in each. Which means the hardest part will be choosing fabrics!

Phew, that turned out to be a long list, I’m sure hoping that I do better this quarter than last quarter!

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17 thoughts to “Finish Along 2015: Second Quarter Goals

  • Camilla

    Great list and loved your Q1 finish which was substantial in itself This list has quite a few smaller projects so I'm sure you'll get a few ticked off, but anyway it's only a list , my strategy was to put down any possibilities in the hope I get a sense of achievement…

  • DaisyLiz

    You can do it! The projects already underway look fantastic!

  • Nilya

    Ok, my dear, you have a lot Project to do AND of course mine is the most important ;-)))) and the one with no stress on our timetable!!!! Kisses over to the other side of the world!

  • Carmen

    That is a HUUUUUGE list, Rachel! Oh dear. And everything you make is so awesome, too — must be a super power you have:D

  • Carla

    Fabulous list! All those projects sound great. Good luck to you. I only finished one thing in Q1 but I was happy about it. My new list is more 'realistic' : )

  • Wendy @ Wendysquiltsandmore

    Wow – you're ambitious!! Maybe this cold weather will give you the kick start you need. Or even better, school resuming next week. I look forward to watching your progress on this wide variety of projects.

  • Profile

    You are one prolific quilter Rach (or will be once those kids are back at school next week!) Scarey…My kitchen/dining renno almost complete and thought I needed some new architextural cushions using my CF fabrics as I want to do something honouring the architect of our home ….and thought a plus cushion or two (using my pile of still yet to pull together quilt of sewn plus blocks) plus a cushion using a profile of our house and drafted something..then I see on your bog CF's pattern Wahooo! very cool …might just have to add that to my cart for a throw for the back of the couch!

  • Julie

    You have some beautiful projects on that list. H can't wait to see them finished. I love the fabric for your Mum's sew together bag. I ordered some trimmings too – I have an idea, now just need to refine it, and maybe finish Rachael's gift too. Nothing like a little pressure. How are the holidays going for you?.

  • Amanda

    What a list! Hats off to you for sticking with it. I definitely decided to take the quarter off after my abysmal performance.

  • Gina

    That is a hefty list Rachel but it looks like you need to tick almost half of them off in the next couple of weeks!!! So many pretty projects!! I love the colors your mom chose for her sew together and the patterns your boys chose!! I love umbrella prints! I ordered a pack to enter last years competition and shamefully they still sit untouched! I hope that inspiration and time happen for you and you finish by the deadline!!! Happy sewing!!!

  • Leonie

    That is a big list! I do hope you get to tick them all off and will look forward to all the reveals!

  • Gemini Jen NZ

    Good luck! I like the look of your Marsala quilt and the Swedish flower quilt is cool too!

  • Vera

    Pretty projects! Have fun and good luck!

  • Debbie

    What a great list though! Rooting for a quilt top in the Pantone challenge! 😉

  • Tessa @ TheSewingChick

    Hi Rachel!! Just popped over to see what you have been up to lately, and of course I love it all!! Looks like you are going to be busy – good luck getting it done! xo, Tessa

  • dutchcomfort

    Great list Rachel! I love the outhouse pattern!!

  • Michaelanne

    I LOVE everything on the list!!!! Zach REALLY needs a NEW quilt too!!! I don't know about how your boys are, but he said to me…"Mom, can you make me a quilt that is not just SQUARES?" Apparently, I have bored him with my design choices!!! lol!! I must check out the wagon wheel block:) Doesn't look SQUARE! I also REALLY love that combo you picked for your Mom's sewtogether bag!!! Oh…yes..and the outhouses!!!! PERFECT!!!! I cant wait to watch all of these beauties come to life!


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