Last quarter I finished two of the nine items on my list of goals. Not exactly inspiring numbers but I finished several other projects that weren’t on my official list and I certainly did a lot of sewing. The two items from my list that I finished were my 2015 Pantone Challenge Marsala Quilt (I won second place in the quilt category so I’m thrilled about that) and the birthday club item for my friend Rachael. So while I’m not exactly racing through my goals, I am finding that these lists keep me focussed. Especially when one project comes to a halt and it would be so easy to start on something new, this list reminds me that I don’t need to do that!

Here’re the projects I plan to work on this quarter..

1. Wagon Wheel Quilt

Hello Bear Challenge

My Wagon Wheel quilt is due back from the long armer any day now. I plan to get the binding on and have it finished very soon. This is quilt two in my Quilt the Book project.

2. Pack Patch Mini

The more hand quilting I do on this quilt the more I decide it needs, it’s turning into the never ending project! I’m really enjoying practicing my hand quilting though.

3. Birthday Club Swap
Deb’s birthday falls in this quarter so I’ll be making something for her. Maybe something from ‘handmade Style‘ by Anna Graham (I’m pretty sure Deb won’t be reading this).

4. Ocean Waves Quilt

I’ve almost finished making blocks for this quilt, I’m waiting on my bee blocks to arrive then I can start sewing them all together. This is quilt three in my Quilt the Book project.

5. Floral Applique Quilt

This quilt is on the list because I’ll be working on it this quarter but I’m expecting it to be a slow burner, it’s unlikely that it will be finished in the next three months. This is quilt four in my Quilt the Book project.

6. Private swap with Aylin
I made a start on a tote bag for Aylin last quarter and would dearly love to finish it this quarter.

7. Sew Together Bag for mum

Playing with fabric

I’ve been working on the theory that mum won’t mind waiting but it’s getting ridiculous, I need to get this made!

8. Pillows for my sister

See 7 (replace ‘mum’ with ‘my sister’)!

9. Swedish Bloom quilt

Swedish Bloom quilt top in progress

This quilt has been on every list this year, I’d like to make some progress on it, but it’s fallen into the non-urgent pile so don’t be surprised if it’s back on List Four!

10. Quilt the Book

Quilt the Book has stolen my quilting mojo! I’m having such a great time plotting to make all the quilts from ‘Denyse Schmidt Modern Quilts Traditional Inspiration‘ that I could happily work on nothing else. There will definitely be progress on this project. I haven’t decided which quilt I’ll start next, maybe the Snake Trail quilt…

Have you made your list? Do you find them useful?
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11 thoughts to “Finish Along 2015: Third Quarter Goals

  • Debbie

    What a great list – good luck with it!

  • dutchcomfort

    Lovely list Rachel, good luck with working on the projects!
    Lists dont work for me 😉 I like to work on a project that suits my mood. When I make lists and don’t follow them up, I feel really bad about it. I decided to work on my Jen Kingwell quilts during the Summer, because they always make me happy. I hope to make a lot of progress!

  • Nilya

    Lovely Projects – maybe I skip this quarter, coulnd´t finish lots of last quarters Goals 🙁

  • Cut&Alter

    What a lovely list – such wonderful projects in it. Good Luck!

  • Gemini Jen NZ

    Hi, I have a big list too and do find it useful – like you I tend to get distracted by new projects so the list keeps me honest! I managed to get five projects done in the last quarter so was quite pleased with myself. Congrats on the second place for your Marsala quilt!

  • Leonie

    2 is alot better than none! And all the extra's of course 🙂 You could add them to the list and cross them off…always makes me feel better ;p

  • Allison

    Your hand quilting looks very neat and really suits the traditional looking nine patches. Reading your post and others like it is making me think about my decision not to have a 'to finish' list. I keep moving on to new projects without tackling the hardcore Works In Progress hidden in cupboards around my house! Maybe it is time to out them?

  • Camilla

    Great list! I'm about to make my list and am determined to haul out ALL the old projects hidden away in various places and put down everything. I certainly find it helpful as a way to keep myself accountable!

  • Donna

    You've got some beauties on your list! Somehow the next "shiny object" usually wins out over working on something from my list. But I like having one anyway. 🙂

  • Pamela

    Great projects. I am finding having a list is very helpful, it is keeping me focussed.

  • leanne

    so many great projects Rachel – look forward to seeing them come together !


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