The Hamilton Craft and Quilt Show is an annual event here in Hamilton and one I look forward to all year. The show runs over four days and combines vendors, exhibitions and workshops. While there weren’t nearly as many vendors this year as there have been in previous years, there was a new vendor from Australia that more than made up for the drop in numbers. Valerie and Lindsey from My Patch Fabrics had so many inspiring things for sale…beautiful soft leather, Liberty fabrics, Cotton and Steel, dress patterns… I went a little crazy. Want to see?

Purchases from day one…

Fabrics purchased on day two… I’m planning on using most of the top row in my Farmer’s Wife quilt and I couldn’t pass up the Heather Ross fabrics which were crazy cheap at All Things Patchwork.

 The “My Patch Fabrics” stand…

Lindsey and Valerie

Lindsey hosted several workshops. Deb and I went along to two of them, Adjusting Dress Patterns to Fit and Sewing with Leather. They were both so inspiring!! I ended up buying a total of FIVE new dress patterns for myself and two rolls of leather. I’m looking forward to making some clothes sometime soon, I just need to buy some fabric first!! The leather will probably get used in bags, it’s always fun trying something new and I love the professional look that leather gives to a project.

Another newcomer to the show this year was the “Road to Colour” exhibition, organised by Cheryl from Auckland patchwork shop, All Things Patchwork. As you can guess, the emphasis for the exhibition was ‘colour’ and it certainly didn’t disappoint! Unfortunately I didn’t take nearly as many photos of the exhibition as I should have, but if you’d like to see some of the quilts that were on display, check out Megan’s post at Jaffa Quilts. I do have two photos to share with you though…

Mum had two quilts in the exhibition, this Sun Burst quilt and her Farmer’s Wife quilt.


Jo Dixey is one of my favourite New Zealand quilters/stitch artists, this was her entry in the AQC Challenge “True Blue”. Her quilter’s statement read “When a person is depressed or feeling Blue, they send ripples of that depression out to the world around them. These ripples in turn create more depression within the person”.


All in all, it was a very inspiring show, hopefully vendor numbers will be back up again next year.

Meanwhile, I’ve been busy working on a little giveaway item that I’ll be sharing with you soon (if you’re on Instagram you may have already caught a peek).

3 thoughts to “A visit to the Hamilton Craft and Quilt Show

  • Julie

    Some lovely purchases, disappointed that I missed this years, that's life though I guess. Your mum's quilt is beautiful!!

  • DeborahGun

    Lovely purchases, especially that HR – what a find! And the last quilt by Jo Dixey – now that is art!

  • LethargicLass

    I have loved seeing your Mom's Sun Burst quilt come together, one of my favourites for sure 🙂


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