A few weeks back I dragged my small boy’s July Stars quilt off his bed and outside for a photo shoot. I finished this quilt a year ago. When I finished it, I wasn’t sure I really liked it, but seeing my small boy tucked up with it every night this last year has completely changed my mind. What was I thinking!? I love it now!

I used a free pattern called July Stars by Allison from Cluck Cluck Sew. Most of the fabrics are from Out to Sea by Sarah Jane, the remaining fabrics were from my stash. The quilt was pieced over the Christmas holidays while the local quilt shops were closed so I challenged myself to use only stash fabrics, it meant there were a few fabric choices that I wasn’t in love with. Now I kind of love those odd choices.

I free motion quilted with a squiggly line, fun and fast! The backing is a Kona Cotton solid (Baby Blue I think).

We took loads of photos, here are a few of them.

Have you ever changed your mind about a quilt after finishing it?

10 thoughts to “A small boy’s quilt

  • Tessa Marie

    What a perfect little boy quilt! I am glad that you fell in love with it over time, I suspect you were looking through the eyes of a quilt maker who wants it to be just right! I find that I often love quilts more months after making them for the same reason. I don't look at every fabric choice and stitch and just see a lovely, colorful quilt that is wrapping up someone I love!! Your little boy is darling, the picture with the quilt around his head is precious!

  • Anonymous

    What great pictures of your sweet little boy. Allison's "Stars" quilt is on my bucket list. Yours turned out really nice – I can't tell which fabrics might have originally turned you off of the quilt. What you were describing actually happens quite often in the making of almost any craft. It happens often to me in my pot making. I once sold a jug that had possibilities but I wasn't completely happy with it – probably because I had certain expectations before it was fired and after I unloaded the kiln it didn't meet my expectations. Anyways, a few years later, at a show, just before opening, a friend also with a booth was walking towards me with a flower filled 'vase' she was taking to her booth and I was admiring the 'vase' as she walked towards me. It was the jug I had made ! I think it helps to put some time/space between our makes and also to see handmade things in use. Colleen

  • Svetlana

    This is such a beautiful quilt Rachel. And your little boy is beyond adorable.

  • Linda @ kokaquilts

    I change my mind all the time, especially when I see one of my quilts being used & loved in someone else's home! I agree with above comments.. sometimes a bit of space between the making & the using is all it needs. And your little boy loves it! Linda

  • Carmen

    Oh my goodness — what picture-perfect, well, pictures! Your boy is totally charming, Rachel. It must be so gratifying to see him enjoying that quilt! And the fabric picks look just great to me:)

  • Erica

    Beautiful quilt! Your son is adorable!

  • Karisma

    Aloha Rachel! I just found your blog! I love your use of color and low volume prints! It was so inspiring reading through your entries! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Leonie

    Love it and so love those adorable photo's! Love the range of fabric too and no doubt it will be treasured for many a year to come.

  • DeborahGun

    such a fun photo shoot – and a great quilt 🙂

  • melissa

    Beautiful quilt Rachel, but your little man steals the show! He is adorable…and the hair! OMG so cuuuute!!!!


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