For the last year or two my creative energy has been missing in action. Which was fine with me. I didn’t miss sewing.  Whenever I did think about sewing, I mostly marvelled at how I ever found time to sew at all.

It didn’t help that all my sewing things had to move out of our spare room a while back. With nowhere to store everything, the whole lot sat in a big pile in our bedroom, untouched and uninspiring.  We built a storage unit in our living area but I just couldn’t find the enthusiasm to sort and move it all.

In the meantime my energy was diverted elsewhere. Mainly I focussed on being a mum. In February some wonderful friends and I completed our first adventure race, we loved it so much we’re now training for a second race at the end of October. And we’ve completed loads of projects around the house. All that, and a stint at full time work, completely zapped my creative energy.  Until a couple of months ago.

I started chipping away at the seemingly mammoth job of sorting and moving all my sewing “stuff”. It took a while but it’s now (almost) all behind closed doors in our living room where I can easily get things out and put them away again (or not). I suddenly feel like sewing again. Funny how a good clean-out can reenergise. And boy do I feel reenergised! I have so many plans swirling around in my head. I need to remember to balance creative time with everything else that’s important to me (family, friends, exercise, coffee and remembering to cook dinner) so I may not sew at quite the same rate that I used to. But I’m hoping to make sewing a regular occurrence again.

I’m also keen to finish off a few WIPs. And I’m really inspired to get back to my Quilt the Book project (where I make all the quilts in Denyse Schmidt’s second book, sneak peek of one of the quilts above). And of course, start some new projects.

Being part of this creative community is really inspiring and definitely something I’ve missed and want to get back to. Posting my first image to Instagram in nearly a year was quite nerve-racking, I shouldn’t have worried, I was blown away by the support I received. All this to say, thanks so much for sticking around, it means a lot to me! And now I had better get started on cooking dinner!

Have you ever lost your creative energy for an extended period of time? 
How did you get it back? Did you get it back? 
Did you take a step back and wait like I did or were you more proactive? I’d love to hear!

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3 thoughts to “Creative Energy

  • Debbie

    Welcome back! I haven't taken a serious break in quite a few years. Feeling a bit of a lull right now, but still sewing. Hope you enjoy getting back into it!

  • Nicolette

    Hi Rachel, so good to see you on the blog again! I hope you will find some time to show some quilty photo’s (or others). Always loved your work and inspiration!!

    • admin

      Thanks so much Nicolette! Its good to be back in this space. I have great plans to get back into sewing and blogging regularly, hopefully it all works out 🙂


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