I’ve moved my little blog from blogger to wordpress. And I’ve purchased the woodenspoonquilts.com domain name! It’s super exciting and just a little stressful. Like the night last week when we realised that the emails asking us to click here or the website would be shutdown were actually legitimate. Of course we didn’t work that out until my website shut down! Luckily it didn’t take long to get it back up again. Phew.

I’m still tidying things up here so I hope you don’t mind a few little quirks… like the ginormous heading fonts on some of the posts, and the internal links that will take you all the way back to blogger before redirecting back here. And I’m not super happy with this template so I may change it (if you know a great template I’d love to know!). I could easily spend weeks working away here on the quiet or I can just get on with it and start blogging again! Option two seems more fun! Plus I’ve been doing a lot of sewing lately so I have loads to share. Back soon…

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2 thoughts to “I’ve moved to wordpress!

  • Nicolette

    Hi Rachel, good luck with the move! Years ago I moved from blogger to WordPress and was able to import my blogger blog into my new WordPress one. I hope to see lots of creativity here again!!

    • Rachel

      Thanks Nicolette! I’m really excited to blog again! I used a plugin to import my old posts from blogger, that made the whole process so much easier, I’m not sure I would’ve bothered otherwise! Can you let me know if you get this email as I’m not sure these emails are working!


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