I love starting something new, so while I’m supposed to be finishing up a big pile of WIPs, I couldn’t help signing up to The Great Pillow Fight Swap.  A few weeks back I pulled some fabrics for my partner…


Then I spent a few weeks thinking about design. I really love the Aerial Grove quilt in Carolyn Friedlander’s new book “Savor Each Stitch”. I love the simplicity of her quilt and the bright pops of graduated colour in a low volume background. The pops of colour come from hand appliqued circles. I’ve never really done hand applique before so it’s not something I feel happy doing for my swap partner. Instead I decided to do a patchwork block that would evoke the same kind of feel, small blocks of colour on a light background. But what exactly!? I played with flying geese and half square triangles but they didn’t seem quite right. Then, inspired by the sweet X’s in the Cotton and Steel XOXO basics print, I decided to play with small crosses. I made a few blocks and I thought they looked kind of cute.

I'm thinking of a bunch of these for my #thegreatpillowfightswap partner. Partner what do you think?

My partner seemed happy so I made a few more.

Pillow progress

I quilted some straight lines through the diagonals. I love how the lines formed little crosses in between the blocks. Then I found the perfect backing in my stash.

Backing is chosen!

Now it’s ready to post to my partner. I love finishing things too!


Edited to add: I’ve written a tutorial for this block, you can find it here Raspberry Kiss Block Tutorial

25 thoughts to “Starting something new…

  • Deb

    Yay, welcome to blogland Rachel

  • Michelle@factotum-of-arts.com

    Fantastic finish!! Love the colors and your inspiration.

  • Nilya

    I love your pillow … but no wonder – I love everything of your work 🙂
    Welcome in Blogger Land
    Aylin xo

  • leanne

    so excited to see your blog ! such a gorgeous pillow – lucky partner !

  • Julie

    This pillow is super fantastic! Great job 🙂

  • Emma Jane

    yay! first blog post 🙂 and of course I love your pillow!

  • Franziska

    I love that you have a creative diary now.
    Your pillow is absolutely adorable. I love the colours you chose and the little crosses.
    Can't wait to see more over here.

  • Wendy

    such a lovely cushion!

  • Anonymous

    Your first blog post…and such gorgeous work to show!

  • LethargicLass

    such lovely colour choices!

  • nicole

    Such a gorgeous pillow Rachel! And welcome to the blogverse, looking forward to seeing lots more!

  • Vera

    It is fab! Love it! I could just drool over the first pic 🙂

  • Julie

    Hello Rachel – congratulations on your first blog post, hopefully of many. I love this cushion, and I really enjoyed reading your design process. Looking forward to lots more posts!

  • Lisa

    Congrats on the new blog! Gorgeous pillow. Love the colours.

  • Heidi

    Hope to see more of your work here 🙂 Welcome . I'm already a follower on flickr 😉
    And the pillow is gorgeous !

  • Carmen

    Hello, beautiful pillow and new blog!

  • Gina

    I am sooo excited you are blogging!! Now i can hear the stories behind your beautiful work!

  • Kim

    Found this through Flickr, this beautiful cushion is going straight to Pinterest!

    Good luck with your blog. 🙂

  • DeborahGun

    you started a blog – yay!! Such a beautiful cushion – as always you get the perfect mix of colour and low volume 🙂

  • TammyLB

    I am so happy that you started a blog- I've loved each & every things that you make on Flickr- but I think this pillow is the top of the list!!

  • Michaelanne

    I too, ADORE all of your work! You are very gifted! I enjoyed reading about your thought process here….I have such a HARD time combining my fabrics and colors! You are genius! XO

  • dutchcomfort

    Love that pillow so much!!
    Congrats on starting a blog, I added it to my feedly blogreader!

  • Tessa Marie

    It's fabulous! I am so glad that you started blogging so I can get some insight into your brilliance!!

  • Juliet @ Tartankiwi

    Yay! Welcome to blogland!

  • Coser Tejer Crear

    I'm so happy to read you finally!!!!! Welcome to blogland!!!! Of course I follow you now, how could I not?! Back in the day when I only had Flickr I asked you if you had a blog and you replied you did not have time! I sort of wept! Now I'm a happy happy girl! By the way, I love your pillow! And the tutorial is excellent!


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