Raspberry Kiss Block Tutorial
Raspberry Kiss Block Tutorial by Wooden Spoon Quilts

I’m not sure if this block has an official name, I’m calling it Raspberry Kiss. Below are the instructions for making one 4 1/4″ finished square. Making a pillow If you’d like to make a 20″ pillow then make 16 of these squares (4 rows of 4) and add a 2″ border on all sides. My Aerial Kisses […]

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A Scrappy Courthouse Steps Quilt
Scrappy Courthouse Steps quilt in blue and white by Wooden Spoon Quilts

Hellooo! I finally have some photos of my scrappy courthouse steps quilt to share with you. Hooray! This quilt has been really popular with my family over the winter months. Mainly because it’s big and it’s backed in flannel. It turns out my family don’t care at all what a quilt looks like so long […]

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Cog and Wheel Quilt

Photographing this quilt has been hard! I thought it was the winter light that was causing the colours to look a little weird and then I came across this really great post by page + pixel which talks about how to photograph a white quilt and how essential it is to make sure the surroundings […]

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I’ve moved to wordpress!
Bullet journal and cog and wheel quilt

I’ve moved my little blog from blogger to wordpress. And I’ve purchased the woodenspoonquilts.com domain name! It’s super exciting and just a little stressful. Like the night last week when we realised that the emails asking us to click here or the website would be shutdown were actually legitimate. Of course we didn’t work that […]

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Ocean Waves Quilt – A Finish

Three and a half years in the making, my Ocean Waves quilt is finally finished! Phew, it’s a great feeling! The quilt top was completed back in 2016 but then I got stuck on how to quilt it so I popped it in a drawer and forgot all about it. Oops. A couple of weeks […]

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Creative Energy
Ocean Waves Quilt

For the last year or two my creative energy has been missing in action. Which was fine with me. I didn’t miss sewing.  Whenever I did think about sewing, I mostly marvelled at how I ever found time to sew at all. It didn’t help that all my sewing things had to move out of […]

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Marti Michell Mini Quilt Mania ~ A Tree Quilt Tutorial

A Pine Tree quilt in an old quilt book* caught my eye when I was looking for inspiration for this project.  I can’t say I’ve noticed too many Pine Tree quilts around, although I did remember seeing this gorgeous Pine Tree block by Amanda from HeyPorkChop. I love Amanda’s projects!  I didn’t have to look […]

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Playground Showcase
gathering flowers block

Hello!! Welcome to the Playground Showcase, featuring Amy Sinibaldi’s latest line for Art Gallery Fabrics. The colours in this collection are so completely perfect; pink, coral, mustard, plum and blue. All my favourites! We were still in the thick of winter when I was planning the quilt design, the days were mostly grey and dreary. […]

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