Yesterday I spent a wonderful day sewing with friends. As always it was a day full of laughter, great food and even a little sewing. Our very first sewing day was just over a year ago, but it feels like we’ve been getting together for so much longer. There’s something about sewing with friends that means no conversational topic is taboo and we cover a lot of different topics, maybe that’s why we feel like old friends! This year Julie had the brilliant idea to have our own little birthday club. In my last post I shared the (belated) gift I made Rachael. Today I’d like to share the gorgeous gifts that I received. Yes, my birthday is coming up!
Rachael made me the most amazing Liberty pillow using the Wheel of Fortune pattern from Jen Kingwell’s new book Quilt Lovely. The background fabric is a beautiful linen/cotton blend.

 Julie made me this adorable pouch using Tessa’s new zipper pouch tutorial (featuring Denyse Schmidt fabric), a stunning Liberty log cabin pin cushion and a Liberty wrapped wooden spoon.

My friends know me well! And they totally spoilt me! Next up is Deb’s birthday so we’ll be spending the next few weeks plotting a surprise for her.

Finally, just to prove that I did get a little sewing done, here’s an update on the hand quilting on my Pack Patch mini. It’s my go-to project for our sewing days, it’s so easy to pack (especially when you have loads of books, produce, gifts and food to carry as well) and hand-stitching and chatting go perfectly together.

8 thoughts to “Sewing with friends

  • Carmen

    Oooh, Rachael and Julie completely nailed your tastes — enjoy those gifts! Wish I had known your birthday was coming up…Have a great one!:D

  • Wendy @ Wendysquiltsandmore

    Your hand quilting is beautiful Rachel. I'm trying to fit a little bit in every few days, but if I'm in a rush it shows in my stitching and I just end up unpicking. It's something to be done when I'm calm. These long winter nights eat into crafting time. It's too hard to see when it's dark. It looks like you've been having a nice social time with friends. That's great.

  • Julie

    I think we would be a little dangerous using sewing machines and drinking margaritas. Roll on August for our next day.

  • Leonie

    Such lovely lovely gifts! Gorgeous 🙂 Sounds like such a lovely occasion for you all. Happy Birthday!

  • leanne

    such fun getting fabulous presents from sewing friends !! love your pack patch mini – it will look adorable with hand quilting !

  • Vera

    Neat gifts! Happy Bday!

  • Ginny

    What a fun group and lovely presents! Happy Birthday! Love your stitching on your Pack Patch Mini – I still have to finish mine :0

  • dutchcomfort

    Happy (very belated) birthday!!! You received some fabulous presents from your sewing friends!


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