Swedish Bloom ~ still a WIP

  I’ve been working away on my Swedish Bloom blocks this week. I’ve finished the nine flower blocks that the pattern calls for but I’ve decided to upsize the quilt so I’m making another three flowers. This will give me the length I’m after, I haven’t worked out how to increase the width, I’m thinking anything that doesn’t require […]

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Swedish Bloom WIP

I never thought I’d make a bed sized paper pieced quilt. As much as I love the look of paper pieced blocks, they can be so time consuming to make and they always seem to use an excess amount of fabric. But… I am loving making these blocks. Each flower is made up of four identical quadrants, […]

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Around the World Blog Hop ~ New Zealand
Snowflake quilt by Wooden Spoon Quilts

My friend Aylin  was kind enough to tag me in the Around the World Blog Hop before I had even written my first blog post! In fact, if she hadn’t tagged me, I very likely still wouldn’t have written my first post, so thank you for the tag and the motivation Aylin!! Last week Aylin made a fun mosaic of […]

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Raspberry Kiss Block Tutorial
Raspberry Kiss Block Tutorial by Wooden Spoon Quilts

I’m not sure if this block has an official name, I’m calling it Raspberry Kiss. Below are the instructions for making one 4 1/4″ finished square. Making a pillow If you’d like to make a 20″ pillow then make 16 of these squares (4 rows of 4) and add a 2″ border on all sides. My Aerial Kisses […]

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Starting something new…

I love starting something new, so while I’m supposed to be finishing up a big pile of WIPs, I couldn’t help signing up to The Great Pillow Fight Swap.  A few weeks back I pulled some fabrics for my partner… Then I spent a few weeks thinking about design. I really love the Aerial Grove quilt in Carolyn […]

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